Second Bloom

Second Bloom

Second Bloom
A Holly & Ivy Cozy Mystery Book 1
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"Fans of Hallmark Channel romance series will find much to enjoy in the Holly and Ivy series...would make a great addition to that TV line-up." - Daisy Pettles, author of the Shady Hoosier Detective Agency Series.

"a clever, original mystery that kept me guessing right up to the final pages. Hope Holly and Ivy get up to more mischief. They make a great pair of detectives! Loved the book - couldn't put it down." Cathleen O'Connor, author of High Heels on the Hamster Wheel and Embracing Your Authentic Self

"...a good old-fashioned who-done-it, with a few fresh quirky twists.." Goodreads Reviewer, Marti Healy, author of The Secret Child.

Holly Donnelly, an adjunct English professor, and her younger sister, Ivy Donnelly, a recently widowed, retired nurse are reluctantly drawn into the investigation of an elderly neighbor’s murder when Juan Alvarez, Holly’s trusted gardener, is accused of the crime. Holly fears police detective, Nick Manelli, assumes Juan is guilty and won’t conduct a proper investigation, while Ivy feels the “hunky” Manelli is not only a good cop, but also a possible romantic match for her sister. Can the clues the sisters unearth from neighborhood gossip about the victim’s family, a politically connected neighbor and a powerful real estate developer help save an innocent man, or will the gardening duo dig up more than they bargain for?
295 pages | $11.35 USD | 978-1521216583 | May 13, 2017